Minho Digital's highlight on our 10th anniversary

The celebration of Plasticerveira's 10th anniversary, a company from Vila Nova de Cerveira, was marked by the launch of a new image and the projection of new investments.

Plasticerveira, now named CPLAS, celebrated on the 13th of May 10 years of existence, with several activities for employees and news about the future of the company.

The company from Vila Nova de Cerveira celebrated with a series of initiatives allusive to the 10th anniversary, with the realization of a specialized teambuilding program. The date was also used to launch the company's new image. The aim of this institutional rebranding is to bring the company's image closer to the investments made throughout the year. This change is also accompanied by new projects of Plasticerveira, such as the construction of new facilities and the creation of more jobs.

Plasticerveira (CPLAS) is a plastic transformation company that works with the food and pharmaceutical industries. It currently exports over 90% of its production.

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